Propellerhead’s Reason provides an excellent platform to originate electronic compositions with its wide variety of instrumentation and effects, as well as very useful tools such as the Combinator.  Reason is a stereo system, but rewired into Cubase it can be used to form the basis of proper surround sound mastering.  I have been using Reason and Cubase in this way for some time now, incorporating samples from a variety of sources, outboard equipment such as the Dave Smith Tetra analogue synthesiser, a Roland digital synthesiser, guitars and effects and so on.

My music is very free-form with an emphasis on the ambient.  This sort of music works very well in a 5.1 surround format and is much enhanced by it.  Although ambient music as such seems to be rather ill-defined at times, I believe it is really about creating an atmosphere with sound that can control and influence one’s environment. I have however, from time to time, moved away from the confines of the terminology to produce something more obvious and noticeable.

Some compositions use a Tracker (Noatikl) which introduces an element of unpredictability to the composition and results in variability each time it is executed.  In more ‘live’ environments, a Tracker can be used to keep ambient compositions running indefinitely.

I currently use three surround formats (DTS, ac3 and wma) and I also mixdown to stereo and provide a number of formats, including the original wav, flac and various mp3 formats. On this site I provide the mp3 stereo mix at 128kbps and the wma surround mix. I can provide other formats on request.

Please feel free to listen and to download tracks and let me know if you like them.
To contact me: email

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