So far there are 9 albums of various attempts at experimentation in ambient music using a variety of electronic equipment and software with samples and other effects. Some compositions have involved the use of Generative Music techniques using Intermorphic’s Noatikl software.

All songs are mixed originally in 5.1 surround using 16 bits at 48kHz to suit DVD formats.  The tracks are mastered in three surround formats: DTS, ac3 and wma.  The surround original is then down-mixed to stereo and then mastered in the raw .wav (48kHz, 16 bit), mp3 (128kbps), mp3 HD (320kbps), flac as well as a 1 minute excerpt in mp3 (128kbps) as a taster and in mp3 (128kbps) but resampled at 44.1kHz.

I present here the wma surround format which can be played on any computer with multi-channel speaker setup on Microsoft Media Player.  Also provided is the stereo mp3 (128kb/s) format.

Ambient Experiments 1
Ambient Experiments 2
Ambient Experiments 3
Ambient Experiments 4
Ambient Experiments 5
Ambient Experiments 6
Ambient Experiments 7
Ambient Experiments 8
Ambient Experiments 9